Jef Bek, Composer Multi-Instrumentalist Jef Bek on the Drums
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NOSFERATU: Music by Jef Bek. This was a Zoo District original theatrical production based on the classic German Expressionist vampire horror film, and the events surrounding the life of the film’s director, F. W. Murnau. “This score allowed me to cover a wide range of musical styles, from classic vampirical textures to underground German burlesque music to the primal sexual tensions of tangos all driven within the modernized Commedia dell’Arte style, which grew out of my work with New Crime Productions”.
PATHE' X: Music by Jef Bek. Another Zoo District original theatrical production. This was based on a dream within a dream that ends up in the mind of Salvador Dali. The piece pays homage to the great 20th Century Surrealist Movement. Phillip Brandes of The Los Angeles Times wrote: “Robed figures with animal heads, a cloaked woman using her former husband’s head for a bowling ball, Sigmund Freud wearing a miniature doorway over his face—these are only a sample of the fanciful creations that populate “Pathe X,” Ricardo Zeger’s dramatized descent into the art and mind of Salvador Dali.
Evel Kinevel Rock Opera - Click Here Evel Kinevel Rock Opera by Jef Bek
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